Planning events is a creative outlet that can show your dedication in its execution. However, event planning is no simple task and involves a number of diverse aspects from fun activities, to informational directories, to safety planning. With all of the work put into carrying out a successful exciting event, the more exciting the event is the more it is necessary it is to focus on the nitty-gritty. That means events require safety planning.


To plan for a safe event, it is crucial to have the ability to manage your guests. The environment of the crowd can take a turn for the worse if potential hazards are not managed effectively. Dangers that appear with all of the excitement can be aggressiveness, dangerous behavior, pushing/shoving, trampling, and even structure collapse. You don’t want to be caught off guard and liable for damages and even death.

Effective Planning

Managing a crowd is important to ensure safety and comfortability for you and your guests. There are a lot of aspects to look at when considering how to plan for this management.

Event Type

The type of event you host can give you some indications right off the bat. The characteristics of the crowd you intend to draw will let you determine how your guests will behave. Age, gender, interests, and background will likely help you out a whole lot. Who are you attracting? What are they like? Keep this thought in your head when planning for safety.


Details of the facility are important too. Understanding the maximum capacity, identifying possible movement obstructors, and determining any other safety hazards is required. Reflecting on the venue size, how many people can fit? The capacity should be able to accommodate all of your guests. If your goal is reached, make sure you have a place big enough for more than you expect.

Objects in the way can limit movement throughout the facility and cause many disruptions and hazards. This pertains to the layout you choose – whether it be booths/tables, stands, games, etc. Even trash cans play a role. Another concept is entry and exit points. This is critical to safety. With ample ways in and out, people are usually more pleased with their freedom, but it also keeps the safety level high in case of emergencies. It is great to have emergency exits near main event areas.

Controlling the Crowd

One thing to look at during the event is the size of your crowd. If you hit your limit, there should be a plan to peacefully turn away additional guests to avoid exceeding your absolute max capacity. The attitude and demeanor of the crowd you have is also something to keep an eye and ear on. The people attending your event shouldn’t have reason to stray off and get into their own ideas. Keep them engaged and entertained. If they don’t like something, they’ll likely want to move on. So diversity in the event is key.

Crowd management will require you to have people on board preventing any unwanted behavior and monitoring for any disruptions. Depending on the size of your event, personnel is recommended to keep watch. Security, staff, and even police officers may be necessary to control different crowds.

Event Medical Staff is a Must

Essential standby medical service teams can benefit the safety of your event as well as mitigate any current or future liability in the case of a medical emergency or accidents. Not only does the law require you have on-site medics for most event types but you will have better peace of mind knowing you are taking care of your guests and keeping them safe.

Standby Medic

The best hassle-free way to get this taken care of is to consult with an established industry medical staffing specialist who can help you come up with a solid medical staffing solution. First Aid Services of San Diego Inc. has over 40 years in the medical staffing industry. We have attended to the welfare of countless spectators at all types of events both large and small. We offer free customized quotes and consultation for all your medical staffing needs.  All our quotes are designed to fit your budget and situation.

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