Sporting events are unique in that they can carry additional safety risks and complexities that need to be taken into consideration when planning your gathering. So how can you make sure your sporting event is as safe as possible and your liability is reduced?

A first critical component to the protection of event venues like stadiums and arenas is the effective training of your staff members. Training allows people to learn how to take care of situations correctly and efficiently on a case by case basis. Training levels are important for each role in the staff according to NCS4 Spectator Sport Safety and Security. What needs to be understood, why, and how to perform is critical to keeping an effective team.

Sports Safety & Security Team

Sports teams require a lot of planning and training to keep in top performance shape. This same is true when creating a good safety and security system for a sporting event. Good security is paramount to event safety. Included in security training should be focus towards effective communication and cooperation among everyone on staff, not just security guards.

In addition, a multi-agency safety “command group” consisting of facility management, police, emergency medical standby service, and fire/hazmat should be in place. Everyone in the command group should be trained to work with other agencies to administer the assessment, response, and recovery treatments. To bring this all to life, a trained event staff is important as well in working with this command group.

Command Group Medical Staff EMT


The Staff

Event staff adds to the foundation. Not only will knowledgeable members make the experience better for attendees, but in the event of disruption and emergencies, they will be very helpful. An effective staff creates a highway of ease for event goers and this is crucial in keeping the crowd managed. There are a lot of important positions that staff members can take.

Parking attendants

These guys make sure that the flow of traffic in and out of the venue is smooth. They keep the area safe by doing sweeps of the parking areas before and after the event, administering parking passes if needed, and screening vehicles.

Gate security

Gate security prevents any unwanted or prohibited items out of the venue. They lock out potential dangers, secure the area, inspect guests, and verify people’s credentials.

Ticket Scanners

Sometimes this coincides with the gate security. This role is just to make sure the tickets are legitimate and not previously used.


The ushers are another means of security. They take people to their assigned areas and lead them safely to where they need to or want to go.

Field Staff

Field staff keeps the play area in order. They refuse unauthorized entry to the field, observe the crowd, and keep the teams safe by resolving problems and evacuating if it is necessary.


This involves the event security police force. It goes without saying that these are the people who are professionally employed to protect the facility and the people in and around it.

Other Additions

Many other people are involved with keeping the order of sporting events. Volunteers play an important role. On average, more than half of event personnel are volunteers. These are the ones who wanted to be here, of course, they will do what is needed from them.

Sporting organizations are a good plus. They promote regulations and usually test what works and what doesn’t. This is a strong tool to keep the area safe and orderly. These organizations prepare their staff members and develop effective means of operation for stadiums and arenas.

Event Medical Staff

The goal of all the event staff, volunteers, and professional help is to make the experience as enjoyable as possible while maintaining a safe environment. But none can be more important than on-site standby medical event staff. Not only does the law require this for most sporting events but having a standby emergency medical team on hand is essential for keeping your spectators safe and reducing your liability. As the first line of defense in the event of an accident or medical emergency having this staff in place increases survival rate dramatically.

Medic Staff Sporting Event

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