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Hollywood / Movie / TV Set Medics

Since 1990 we’ve specialized in providing top notch movie, commercial, and TV set medic services for all types of productions (both shot in studios and on location). This includes baby nurse services as well.

Some of our clients include HBO, Fox, NBC, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, MTV, Discovery Channel, and many more! See charts below for more of our set medic clients and the many types of movie / TV sets we have attended to!

Our many years of experience working with production companies, and providing the entertainment industry with quality on set medical staffing solutions, gives us the advantage to know your specific needs and risk factors well.

We Offer a Complete Line of on Set Medic Services

First Aid Services of San Diego Inc
is here to provide you with a complete line of set medical services for all your production needs.

We are aware that different types of productions often require different types of medical staffing solutions. So whether you require: Lifeguards, EMTs, Paramedics, registered nurses, baby nurses, or physicians, we’ve got all your set medic needs covered.

Why hire us?
Because of our experience we understand the medical needs of the movie TV production industry well and will furnish only the best set medical staff for your specific situation. Our set medic rates are reasonable, but our service and level of professionalism is above par.

For the more dangerous high risk situations (such as stunt work) we can also arrange Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support standby ambulance medic teams at your location.

If you need standby ambulance in multiple shooting locations, we can also get that taken care of for you. With our extensive network of trusted providers we will procure EMS ambulance standby response teams to your site location (or to multiple sites).

We are available 24/7 to provide you with a complete line of set medical protection assistance!

On Set Medical Reporting and Documentation

We provide well documented and accurate medical report summaries to help you mitigate risk and to develop better future strategies for minimizing accidents on a set. Less accidents means less liability and lower insurance costs for you and your company.

Set Medical Staffing for any Situation

Whether you are shooting in Hollywood or anywhere else, we can tap into an extensive network in place to accommodate your location needs. We will furnish only the best trained quality professional medical staff for your location or studio.

Set Medics Available When and Where You Need Them

If you require standby medics for a day, or a week, we will work with your shooting schedule to make sure you have coverage WHEN you need it, and for as long as you need it.

For production companies shooting in multiple locations we can even provide set medics in different locations and cities – and at the times you need them.

Or if you prefer, we can assign traveling set medics to accompany you as part of the production crew. This is often the case for many reality TV shows and other types of productions that require shooting in multiple locations.

Let us take care of the hassles for coordinating your set medical traveling needs so you don’t have to. We can take care of all that for you – HASSLE FREE. That way you can focus on what you do best, while enjoying the peace of mind knowing you are covered for any medical emergency!

We Come Fully Prepared to Deal with all Medical Emergencies

All of our set medic crews come equipped with complete trauma and professional first responder first aid kits including:

Automated External Defibrillator (AED), oxygen, wheelchairs, dressings, bandages, splints, ice packs, and over the counter medications. Our medics come ready to stabilize situations that may arise.

Some of Our Set Medic Production Company Clients

One of our specialties is providing “set medics” to film production companies shooting on location in San Diego. The following is a partial list of the film industry clients we have served in recent years:

Feature Film Sets

Mr. Jones Feature Rational Productions
Free Willy II Feature Warner Brothers
Top Dog Feature Tanglewood Productions
Beastmaster II Feature Stu Segall Productions
Fast Money Feature Stu Segall Productions
The Rock Feature Tanglewood Productions
In Dreams Feature DreamWorks
Deep Blue Sea Feature Deep Blue Sea Productions. Ltd.
Waiting on An Angel Feature Stu Segall Productions
Blowback Feature American World Pictures
“Almost Famous” Feature Dreamworks SKG
Antwone Fisher Story Feature Antwone Fisher Productions
Top Speed IMAX Macgillivray Freeman Films
Lords of Dogtown Feature Columbia Pictures

TV Production Sets

The Price She Paid CBS TV Plan of Attack Productions
CCPD Fox TV Stu Segall Productions
Obsession ABC TV Peter K. Duchow Productions
Rubdown USA Cable Fast Track Films
A Place for Annie Hallmark/TV Stu Segall Productions
Accidental Meeting USA Cable Accidental Productions
Double Cross USA Cable Fast Track Films
Deep Blue Sea Feature Deep Blue Sea Productions. Ltd.
The Corpse Had a Familiar Face ABC TV Lakeside Productions
Come Die With Me CBS TV Caroline Films
Deadly Games NBC TV B.O.T. Productions
The Enemy Within ABC TV SANE Productions
What Love Sees TV Movie VHC Productions
Extreme Blue HBO Movie Stu Segall Productions
Telenovela The Whole Series TV Series Fox- SSP

Commercial Sets

MTV Comedians 2016
Dirty Robbers 2016
Kashi 2015
AARP 2014
On-Star 2011
VH1 Diva Salute 2010
Tony Hawk 900 Films 2009
Sony Playstation 2008
SOCOM Video 2007
BMX Video Shoot 2007
Black and Decker 2006
Industrial Film San Diego 2005
Saab 2004
Sea World California 2004

Baby Nurse Commercial Sets

Hey Baby Films Baby Shoot UCSD 2017
Dirty Robbers 2016
RBA Productions 2016
Public Road Productions 2016
Tallgrass Productions for Unity Health “Moments” 2016
Infinito Productions: Baby Carriers (2 styles) 2016
Verity Hoskins Kleenex 2016
Whirlwind Productions “Natura” 2016
Yonder Productions, Allina Health 2016

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