Why make an event safety plan? The main goal of event management is to create an amazing experience for your guests while ensuring a safe environment for them. Making an event safety plan is much better than going in blind and drastically reduces your liability should something happen.

In general, there is a lot to consider when planning for events, whether they are big or small. Event safety should be one of the top priorities. All public events need some sort of management plan to keep everything under wraps. When it comes to safety this should be planned in advance as well.


Because there are tons of aspects to keep in mind when planning for event management it’s best to go through all of the different details thoroughly and meticulously (in an organized way) so as not to miss anything important. It may take some additional time, but overall it is well worth the effort and will result in less stress during your event. By planning ahead you will be better prepared to handle any unexpected unfortunate situations.

Know Your Event

The general event details are a good place to start. A basic overview of the type of event and a place of the location are important to account for in your planning. First ask: Where is the event going to be hosted? What times? Who is coming? Keep these questions in thought when planning for management.

Your event location and the grounds it is held determines a lot of necessities. The physical characteristics of the event area should be accounted for as well. For example, the outside vs. inside environment, and the different safety hazards of each.

Also, keep a record of the attendees and a schedule of the times for the event. Organizing this information will make easy to access it for further planning.

Structure, Responsibility, and Safety Management

The amount of personnel on board for your event and their duties is crucial to keeping a safe environment. Keep a good balance of staff, volunteers, vendors, and security to have a strong team that can get the job done. The flow of people and the entertainment experience rides on this. Maintaining a smooth flowing experience will leave the guests happy. But if something is amiss, disruptions can start causing an unsafe situation.

Therefore managing the crowd is critical. Make sure you have an idea of how many people are supposed to attend and determine your staff numbers based on that. One person against thousands is just terrible odds. There should be enough employees to cover a certain span of people. If you are not sure about how many you need speaking to an event medical staffing specialist can help you make these safety determinations.

Large Event Example

When something breaks out, controlling the crowd is important to secure the safety of everyone in attendance. Security may be the cliche for controlling the masses, but regular staff members and volunteers can also be trained to help with crowd control. There will usually be more staff than security. So logic tells us that knowledgeable employees can be a big help to crowd control. It is good to have staff who know about things like the weather conditions, entry and exit points, and how to access everything around them and beyond.

Spectator Accountability

Every aspect of the experience should be smooth and easy going. Parking, sanitary facilities, trash, viewing area, and accessibility/assistance need to be accounted for. Take your max capacity into account and be sure to include these services. There should be an easy access to the venue for everyone regardless of disability. Parking should have people ready to help and organize. Bathrooms and trash should be plentiful and kept clean too. This will make the experience for the guests feel better and more enjoyable, which means they will be more inclined to return to any of your future events. But most important the will make your event much safer for everyone involved.


Unfortunately, event emergencies can and do happen. It is therefore mandatory to plan for them accordingly. Things like the police force, fire safety, medical service, and whether you need advanced or basic life support teams should all be in your plan. For instance, if someone lashes out at another guest with violence, weather conditions worsen, or someone just gets hurt by an accident, the situation needs to be taken care of. Emergency Ambulance For most public events having emergency medical staff on-site and in standby mode is a must. Not only because the law says you are liable for the safety of your guests, but also because having standby medics not only reduces your liability but increases the chances of survival should any of your guest sustain life-threatening injuries.

Plan to Manage Your Event

Anything unexpected can happen at your event. So you need to be prepared to handle any situation that may come up. Planning based on the details mentioned above will drive you in the right direction toward managing your event safely and controlling crowds effectively. So plan in advance and save yourself a lot of stress and trouble down the road.

A hassle-free way to come up with the best event safety plan is to speak with a qualified event medic staffing agency. A time tested medical staffing agency can guide you in setting up the right safety plan for your event. Don’t take chances that you can’t come back from. Getting the right help from a professional will ensure you have the best plan in place to handle unexpected situations and mitigate risk.

Medic Staff

First Aid Services of San Deigo Inc. has for over 40 years attended to the welfare of millions of spectators and thousands of events (of all types both big and small). We have experience in all types of events for event medical planning and staffing. We will work with you to guide you in coming up with a customized medical safety plan to meet your budget and exact event type.

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