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For more than 40 years First Aid Services of San Diego Inc. has been the preferred provider for quality and professional on-site medical care at special events and film productions. Throughout the years we have professionally and efficiently attended to the welfare and safety of tens of millions of attendees and film production crews.

We have a proven track record of consistent quality care, with over 15,000 events and 80,000 patients.

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About First Aid

Qualified. Experienced. Equipped:

✓ Registered Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians, and ambulances on standby

✓ All necessary equipment and supplies provided at our staffed first aid stations

✓ Our $5 million in liability coverage reduces liability risk for you

Owner Sheila Goldfarb

Sheila Goldfarb, RN, MSN, FNP, President

No event is too large or too small! Whether you have a crowd of 100,000 people or just a small gathering, we are here to offer the expert medical standby services you can rely on. With our years of experience and professional expertise, we can provide the level of service you have come valule and appreciate.

We Come to You

We offer on-site event medical services, medics for film production, and standby ambulance services for all your special event needs, With our extensive network of connections we can furnish on-site standby medic services to you anywhere in the US. This is especially useful for Movie/TV production companies who need medics in multiple shooting locations.

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