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First Aid Services of San Diego Inc. is a premier national and local provider of specialized Event Medic services. Since 1976 we have been the provider of choice for all types of convention and meeting planners, caters, event coordinators, motion picture producers, and private industry. Providing medical staff and on-site event medical solutions is what we do.

We attend to the welfare of More Than 1 Million People Annually at events in San Diego County and nationally. No matter where you plan to hold your special event, we have the network in place to deploy our emergency medical standby personnel directly to your location. Our fully trained medical personnel are on standby to respond immediately in the event of illness, injury, or medical emergencies.

Our on-site staff are both equipped and prepared to deal with all event emergencies – from bee stings to broken bones… Heat Strokes to Heart Attacks.

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Benefits of Event Medic Service:

Our health services are designed to meet your specific event medical staffing needs.

Protect the HEALTH and SAFTEY of your attendees and guests with our professional event medic EMTs, Event Paramedics, Registered Nurses, and Medical Physicians.

Guard against company liability

Comply with local laws regarding mandatory medic staff for your event – Hassle Free!

Immediate response minimizes the severity of illness or injury.

Complete event medical documentation keeps you well-informed should tough legal issues arise.

Good public relations increase your business

And most of all PEACE of MIND!


Cover Yourself with our Medical Umbrella of Protection:

A word From Our Clients About our Event Medical Services


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“For more than 20 years First Aid Services has provided us with complete and professional care….. (and is) an important part of our success”

Ronald E. Hahn, President

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“…..your flexibility in working with our budget and schedule”

Andrea Saris, Dir. Mtgs & Conventions

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“Security – Knowing that if something happened we were covered!”

Christine M. Klein Mgr.
Exhibits & Sponsorship Programs

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“…we choose your services because we know you will provide all the necessary services that can be anticipated, and meet the strict outdoor requirements the City of San Diego has for street fairs…. (We have) confidence in your services (and know that) our event is in good hands.”

Warren Simon, Director

Need On-Site Medical Care At Your Special Event?

We Do It All For You

The health risks and hazards for attendees at different types of events pose unique challenges. That is why it is important to develop a customized plan of action and medical staffing solution for your specific type of gathering.

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First Aid Stations Set-up at Your Event

Whether you have a single medical staff person sitting in a corner, or an entire team of professionals under a canopy – an identifiable First Aid Station is the first line of defense in keeping your spectators and attendees safe.

Each event first aid service station is staffed with our fully certified and insured medical professionals.

For your attendee’s convenience and safety we provide all the necessary equipment and supplies needed including: An Automated External Defibrillator (AED), oxygen, wheelchairs, dressings, bandages, splints, ice packs, and over the counter medications.

Sporting Event Medics

No sporting occasion is too large or too small. We cover them all!

Over the years our medical staff have been there providing personalized services at all types of sporting events, no matter the size. We have decades of experience keeping your spectators and participants safe at many of the largest and smallest events. For example, events as large as the NFL Fan Fest, or as small as your local youth football games.

In addition we have experience with all types of different sporting events. You can find our hard working event medic staff at Boxing Matches, Wrestling, Hockey, Soccer, Skateboarding, Tennis Tournaments, Races, Fun Runs, Horseshows, and much more!

Corporate Events

Many of our happy and satisfied repeat clients hold regular corporate events.
From conferences, seminars, trade shows, team building events, product launches, and even shareholder meetings, we are no stranger to corporate events and the unique hazards and challenges they can present for your attendees.

No matter what type of corporate event you have planned, if you need on-site standby medical services we have the experience, staff, and equipment to keep your attendees safe and in good hands during your event.

Concerts & EDM Events

It is no secret that concerts and Electronic Dance Music Events are notoriously famous for unique types of strange and diverse accidents. Standby event medical team personnel is a must at these events.

From something as simple as a fall, to the more bizarre occurrences, you have to be prepared for the unexpected emergencies at these types of special events. Liability can become an issue.

Especially when you mix alcohol with loud music what do you get? Accidents, injuries, and medical issues, that tend to happen more often than you would like or expect. We have seen it all and are therefore fully prepared to deal with any and all incidents at your concert and music events.

Picnics, Parties & Galas

Whether it’s an outdoor picnic, street fair, New Year’s Eve party, or a corporate special event, we can be there to provide a safe and healthy environment for attendees and guests.

Over the years we have worked with our clients including: Fund raising organizations, corporations, hotels, meeting planners, and individuals to successfully coordinate our services for their special event needs.

Likewise we will work with you to come up with a customized event medical staffing plan of action that best fits both your type of gathering and budget. Also our services can be either visible or discrete.

Races, Trail Running, Distance Biking Events

These types of activities can cover a wide area, sometimes ranging many miles.
This creates a unique safety situation, which can require more diverse and wide spread mobile medical teams. Medic staff at strategic locations will ensure that an appropriate fast response is nearby. We can provide first aid water stations and emergency standby ambulance located at points throughout the course.

For triathlons we can dispatch lifeguards, as well as any special type of unique medical personal your event requires.

Motor Sports Events

Motor sports have become increasingly popular over the decades with these events attracting large crowds. The types of motor sports out there are almost as diverse as the imagination – ranging from stock car (NASCAR), drag racing, Karting, motorcycle racing, and the list goes on.

Crowd injuries and hazards we see at these events can range from – dehydration, slips, falls, heart attack, occurrence of violence, and a wide range of other incidents that can happen any time large crowds gather. Having an on-site medical response team is a must at your motor sports gatherings.


Over the years First Aid Services of San Diego Inc. has successfully monitored and treated thousands of patients at some of the largest capacity conventions – often times at hotels, arenas, amphitheaters, or at events such as the San Diego Convention Center.

There are many hazards inherent any time you are dealing with large crowds. We have seen and dealt with an array of accident types, injuries, and medical issues at convention events.

Therefore we are fully capable, prepared, and experienced to handle all manner of medical problems at your next convention or festival.

Standby Ambulance

When you need on-site standby ambulance services, let us take on the logistics for you. We will make sure you have the best ambulance services available to meet your special requirements and budget.
We provide reliable stand-by Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support private ambulance services for all your – Special Events, movie/TV production sets, or any other on-site needs!

Medical Reporting and Record Keeping

We provide extensive and accurate medical reporting and documentation for each and every patient incident at your event or site.

These well documented medical summaries and reports can give you valuable actionable information to help mitigate future risk and liability. This is one way we help our clients develop better strategies and procedures to improve the safety and standards of their future events.

Less risk and incidents means more profits, less liability, and happier safer people that will keep coming back to your events.

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